Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

Why CIC ?

CIC Plast is one of the oldest, well-trusted and diverse Polymeric products supplier and exporter. Proud to announce we are the leading company in the Polymer industry. Senior management commitment always focused on sustainability, quality culture, and transparency. Four items always take place beside our business: 1.Environment 2.Business ethics 3.Health and safety 4.Labour right

According to the most updated standards and rules with the best high-tech equipment and machinery, we design safety, quality and legality into our products and manufacturing processes. More than an exporter, we are your consultant. We place our customers above everything else as we realize that every business is unique and therefore every client has individual requirements.

Where are you located ?

CIC’s head office is in Tehran-Iran, we can supply our loyal customers from our worldwide offices as well. We offer 24/7 online customer services.

What are your opening hours ?

We are always online on WhatsApp: +971 503457861

How do we contact you ?

We prefer all communications by e-mail to , where your messages will route to the appropriate department.


No. FZJOB 1314, JAFZA ONE Building, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai

+971 503457861



7 Palizvani St., Gandhi Ave., Tehran

+98 9102341376

How can we place orders ?

It is better to place an order by email our professional marketing team will get back at due course.

What are your shipping terms ?

Normal shipment is “by sea”.

Shipment by truck and freight train can also be arranged upon request.

How fast can you make shipments ? How fast can we receive goods ?

Transit period depends on a wide variety of factors – such as order type, quantity, number of mixed products in one shipment, shipping mode, or delays at customs at destination.

Will I receive options/advices to help me choose the products I want ?

Yes, definitely. By consulting with our export expertise, we’re happy to discuss and present available options based on different factors such as your local market demands and delivery methods.

Financial topics

How long are prices valid ?

Prices vary based on quantity, payment, and shipping terms. Therefore prices quoted based on requests. All prices are subject to our final confirmation unless otherwise mentioned in the quotation. Mostly all prices are valid for 15 calendar days.

What are your minimum order quantities ?

We do our best to deliver the goods at the lowest possible price to our customers. It is better to check the minimum order quantity with our sales experts case by case.

Request support

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Contact informations

  • Location No. FZJOB 1314, JAFZA ONE Building, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai

  • Email

  • WhatsApp +971 503457861